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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dream studio, (literally)

I guess I had dream houses built in my head when I was a kid, but they were never as vivid to me as the fantasy studio. My father was an art director and worked with all kinds of artists, and each came with their own particular work places. The one I remember best belonged to a very well-known and wonderful illustrator. It filled the entire top floor of a Brooklyn brownstone, stacked up to the low ceiling with rolls of paper and flat files, piles of books, posters, paintings, rows of glass jars filled with gouache. It smelled like pipe smoke and mildewed paper. When we came to visit, we were entertained up there, eating and talking between the art supplies.

I don't have the kind of studio I think I want yet, but it doesn't matter right now. The work gets done, everywhere I can. But I did manage to give fantasy some kind of form, on the top floor of one my dollhouses. Even if it were real, I'd fill it up anyway, and start planning out the next one.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

So glad you've joined us in blog land! I truly wasn't sure this was a mini studio. It's wonderful. I don't ever show my basement studio--it's not shall we say camera-ready!


Richele @ Studio D said...


This is your doll house? I am blown away. These look like real rooms. Like perhaps you took a tour of a studio and photographed it. Wow...excellent.

Amy said...

Jody-so happy to be here! My actual studio is, well, um, ok, no great shakes. But the pretend one is much better-it has room, in theory. And two tables, and a flat file, ...sigh.

Hi Richele! Thank you so much! Yes, it's miniature, not quite done yet, there's still window work to do and more details. I'll definitely post more about it.

Kim said...

oh my goodness- exquisite!! I want to live in this studio!!! I saw your post on Jody's blog and came over to say hello :)

PS- The world could always use another blogger ♥

Amy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Kim! I wasn't sure anyone would come along and read, so this is a lovely hello!

cat said...

great idea! i have a dreamloft with artstudio in my head hahah..since a long time..i even don´t do art at the moment haha..but it doesn´t matter :-) keep on blogging its great!
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Amy said...

Thanks Cat! The one major thing that doesn't work in the dream dollhouse studio is that it has no staircase or ladder to get up there-I hope our real dream studios have a way to get up into them! Love your blog!


Sans said...

Don't you know that dolls just jump from one room to the next, one floor to another, in fact one house to the other, without any need for stairs/ ladders? LOL!

How can anyone not love your dollhouses or studios. Did you make everything in there? I am completely bowled over. Help me up, please!