...or tries to...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I often think I make art to stop time. I used to make it to say here I am, and of course, that still has something to do with it. But now it's more about grabbing hold of what I'm thinking in the here and now, and making it stop, hold still, so I can understand it a little. Things change so quickly. If my piece, Inconstancy, were real, the mushrooms would multiply or die, the birds would fade away. It would be different in only a few hours. I try to say, stop. But time doesn't, nothing does, and that's the lovely absurdity of art making, isn't it?


Peach Blossom Hill said...

You know that I find your art so beautiful, luminous and ethereal and it is like stopping a movement of nature in a fraction of time and preserving it for the rest of us to say, "Ah! Yes, I forgot how lovely and mysterious it all is if I take time to look more closely!"

Jody--glad Kim found you and I'm sure more will and be as awed and blown away by your creations as I am.

Sandy said...

I love your art - and the concept behind it. You capture such wonderful sights of the natural world - so we can all appreciate their beauty! I never get tired of looking at the tiny details - so lovely!

Amy said...

Jody, wow, you know you could write artist's statements for a living, it's often harder to articulate well what you're trying to do, mainly because we use objects and images to explain for us. But I couldn't have been more touched by your description, thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing it this way.

Sandy, thank you so so much! I know from following your life that you understand the value in the details, you do that so beautifully and so well.