...or tries to...

Monday, October 18, 2010


I grew up in the Northeast, and even after eleven years in South Florida, I'm not quite used to the idea that winter coming on means opening the windows. Summer is heavy with hurricane dread, blinding white sunlight, skin-broiling car seats. It's too humid to move with any kind of conviction, though you try, and you find yourself attaching a little too much to the insides of malls and chain stores. But in October the air actually moves and the gardens start to burst, and you get to see again all the strange things that grow here, float down, curl and twist on sidewalks and coral pavers.



Sans! said...

Do these really grow in your garden? Surely it must be the Garden of Eden :):).

Beautiful pictures, Amy!

Amy said...

Oh, if only it were! I took the pictures in the garden of the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach-an amazing place filled with sausage trees and banana trees and bromileads-(I'm sure I spelled that wrong)and things I don't know the name of and have never seen before!