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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Fibers 2010

This comes under the Shameless Self-Promotion catagory, of course, but it's also a shout-out to the Fiber Arts Network of Michigan (FAN), Eastern Michigan University, and the Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild. Until December 10, my Red Blooming Biotope is part of the show, New Fibers 2010, at the University Gallery in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and it's been a wonderful thing to be a part of. Not only do I get to participate, I was given the Second Place prize by juror Tracy Krumm, and featured on the invitation postcard. I wasn't able to see the show in person, but based on the catalog they sent me, I'm in company with outstandingly skilled and imaginative artists, truly exploring the potential of a media choice that has been historically marginalized, until recently. According to Michele Fricke, writing in the catalog,

"Fiber is a field of art-making as old as painting or sculpture and is equally steeped in tradition. However most art history courses touch only briefly on the history of textiles, if they mention it at all, in part because of the ephemerality of materials. It is further marginalized by the perception of fibers as 'women's work', reductive arguments about craft (which are happily shifting), and the perception held by many that fiber artists are all about the materials and techniques to the detriment of content."

Thankfully, because of shows like New Fiber, I'm challenged less and less on the value of my choices, and encouraged beyond words by their sensitivity towards the balance of intimate labor and thought that animates the best fiber art I see out there.

The greatest blog to celebrate the diverse and intense vocabulary of fiber-based work is artist Lorraine Glessner's oh what a world, what a world, (the poor Wicked Witch's next to last words before she melted away into a pile of resentful steaming black muslin). It's an encyclopedia of what's going on out there, and what the wonderful Lorraine herself is creating-



Pubdoll said...

I alwyays love the colours and the organic feeling of your art and this piece is no exception, it's really stunningly beautiful! Congratulations with the Second Place prize, so good to hear you get the credit and appreciation you deserve!

Sans! said...

Amy, let me be one of the first here to congratulate you on your prizewinning entry! WOW!

By the way, did you intend your Red Blooming Biotope to resemble a throbbing heart? I can't quite believe it is fiber ad not living because I swear if I hold in my hand , I can feel it throbbing..Amazing , Amy, really!

Amy said...

Thank you so much H! and Sans! (Anyone who comes across this entry has to click onto their blogs to see their absolutely exceptional dollhouse and miniature work-it will make you not only question reality-which I automatically do every time I see their miniature rooms, you'll understand how much art and imagination is involved. They are masters!)

Amy said...

Ooops, Sans, I forgot to answer your question-I love that you saw a beating heart in the piece! It wasn't specifically meant to be, but I am trying to merge living things together to suggest both the body and the plant and animal world together. In this one especially-I'm always fascinated by, and sometimes a little frightened by, things that are in full bloom but just on the edge of being maybe too alive, almost at its end. So your interpretation is perfect.