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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Solomon

The amazing Solomon, shape shifter.
A living Franz Kline painting, though in real life he would never be an action painting. A still life, maybe. He's still. He thinks about things. He mulls and considers. He watches his young tabby roommate Oliver chase a red laser dot around the house but shows no interest. Why? It's a red laser dot. Can't eat it, can't maul it, can't kill it. What's the point, then?

Last month I was away from home for the first time in a long time, 11 hours drive north on a mountain, (of course), and I got a call from my vet. They felt something in his abdomen. You never want to hear any conversation start that way, in any way, about anyone you know.

So Solomon did have an operation, and he does have cancer. But the operation was a success, with nothing else compromised as far as they could see. It seems impossible that he be this healthy with it in an intermediate stage, it seems unlikely he would be this hungry and this content. Right now he's acting younger than he has for years, he's hungrier than he's ever been, he smacks right back when his roommate Oliver jumps him from above. He's Solomon, right now and for as long as mystery and the unknown remains mysterious and unknown. And that works for me.


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad he got through it Amy. every day is a bonus. Lovely lovely Solomon. most loved cat.

Amy said...

He is, he is, Pat! Even when he's smacking me in the face to wake me up at 6, with just enough claw to make it matter-I remember how wonderful it is that he's hungry, and bored, and annoying. In other words, completely normal. And well. And happy. For a cat.

Biggs and S. would have a lot to talk about, don't you think? Great cats think alike.

Sans! said...

Amy, I had a cat called Xerxes and he was diagnosed with kidney failure when he was about 5. Back then, I also had another 2 cats and 3 dogs.

Xerxes was my very own cat. The rest are shared with my housemates. For the 1st time, I cried over a pet.

Xerxes lived till he was 17. He outlived all my other pets till he was the last one in the house. 2 months ago, he disappeared. We think he went away to die. I miss him but he had lived well. I just wish he didn't go away.

All I am saying is it is likely that Solomon can live till a ripe old age too.

Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story of Xerxes with me-what a wonderful name, too. It means a lot to me-and gives me so much hope. With cats, or with anything or anyone, it seems, you can't assume that the future is settled-no one told Xerxes that he was in trouble, he evidently had much better plans. Every day that I see Oliver and Solomon fighting in the hallway, every morning that he nudges me awake, every time I see his profile as he stares out into the yard from the back porch, it's all more joyous than ever. That's Solomon's gift to me. I wonder if Xerxes' gift to you was to spare you grief-my childhood cat Morris went down into the basement of our house when it was his time to go-he just knew it was his time. They are beautifully mysterious creatures, aren't they?