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Friday, December 3, 2010

Watson MacRae Gallery

I'm beyond excited to be a part of a new exhibit opening December 3rd at Watson MacRae Gallery on the beautiful island of Sanibel, Florida. It's titled "Folk, Fantasy & Outsider Art", and I'll be showing eleven pieces there. The shadowboxes were made for the gallery, but the other pieces will be my larger wall and free standing objects, and the first time two pieces, "Climb, Cling, and Drift Away", and "Tangled Biotope" will be on view, outside of my own tiny personal universe. The wonderful Maureen Watson has been warmly and kindly guiding me into the world of the group show, and I'm so proud to be a part of the of the seven artists she has gathered together.

Here's an article from CaptivaSanibel.com:


And Watson MacRae's website:



Sans! said...

Amy, thanks for sharing your work here on your blog. Great for people like me who can't make it to your exhibition. Good luck, Amy! I am sure your pieces will be well received. Each and everyone so bizarrely beautiful.

picturefox said...

Amy, I am just blown away. Your new work is glorious. Good luck at the show

Amy said...

Sans, we live a bit too far away, don't we? Otherwise, I'd be over every week to check in on your doll house masterpieces. Thank you-I love the idea of them as bizarrely beautiful!

Joyce, thank you. You rock, you know.