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Monday, February 21, 2011

Holding and letting go

I get, literally and figuratively, very close to the objects I make. Every part of each has been picked out, picked up, held up, examined, altered, cut down, sewn in. They're covered with fingerprints, needle pricks, there's DNA on the end of every thread. When they're done, I line them up and stare at them. Some have eyes - they stare back.

I just finished Collection 2. (There was a Collection 1.) I'm in love with the idea and the practice of collecting - that obsessive need to gather objects that simultaneously explain the world to you and you to the world. In my case the objects were conjured rather than found, the end result of merging of what I see and what I think into tangible things that I can touch and hold. I'd keep all 20 objects for myself if I were crazier-they're off to a show that I'll post about later. So they have to go. And I want them out there. I do. Really.

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