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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Collections: Global

We collect, sometimes beyond the point of reason. And there are multiple reasons why. But the root cause, I think, is pretty basic - I'm sure I'm repeating myself, but here I go again - we need to gather things together that help explain the world to ourselves, and explain ourselves to the world.

I'm going to be painfully literal here, because one of my collections are old world globes. Not "old" old, but old enough, with little dents and crumbling paper and faded crowns. They're so obviously like our own banged-up skulls that there's a tendency to cradle them against you when you're dusting and putting them back up on the shelf. And the best part, for me, are the differences between each one, the changing color codes as history reorganizes countries, and the variations in every manufacturer's version of our blue, blue seas.

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