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Monday, April 4, 2011

Such Green

We've been lucky with nature this month, around this little suburban house. Dragonflies on the screens, orange butterflies outside Dunkin Donuts, a nest full of baby mockingbirds in the young yellow and green Cassia tree outside my studio window. They gape at their mother dropping them insects, baring their lemon yellow mouths. They sound like wheezy squeak toys and look like breeze-trembled buttercups. The mockingbird was smart, her tightly built nest is too deep inside the tree for bumbling human photographers to get a good angle. I know they laugh at us. That's good, I don't want to be a well-meaning but clumsy interloper inadvertently kicking off some terrible chain of events.

I try to be a part of all this, if only as an observer. I try to mix greens as beautiful as the greens up there, that make up that dragonfly. But I can't, their pigment is a glow layered from stuff I can only imagine, or, more correctly, can't imagine. It's better that way. Nature wins this kind of competition, at least.

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