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Monday, May 30, 2011

Chlorine Summer Blues

When I moved to Florida, I brought with me many assumptions. Endless summer, I guess. That it smelled like coconut oil and chlorine. That every day might include a pool, late afternoons with David Hockney's arcs and squiggles dancing in rectangles of aquamarine and cerulean blue:

(though this was California)

But life fits itself back into more familiar shapes, and there's just as much sitting in rooms, inside, at desks, in front of screens, as there was before, up north. Maybe more.

But every so often, nudged by national holidays, I remember that I'm here, and there can be more late afternoons steeped deep in blue, that somehow particularly American swimming pool blue, that Hockney saw better than the rest of us did, (having coming from someplace else).


katecreate said...

These pictures are great representation of summer.

Amy said...

Thank you Kate! I had that too much chlorine blur going on in my eyes, and I realized that most of my summers have probably been this blurry-(plus, pre-contacts, I could never see a thing when I took my glasses off to swim). Your blog is terrific-I'm popping over to leave a comment there---