...or tries to...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morikami Sunday

We came for the kimono exhibit inside the museum, but we stayed, and always stay, at the Morikami, for the gardens.

Because, within yards of each other, are a spectrum of petals,

And all kinds of green.

The bamboo stalks knock and squeak when the air moves them,

And shadows slide downhill.

There are steps that lead into dark places,

where leaves light up,

And you look down for tiny things hiding,

And up for bigger messages.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have that shot and one that says LOVE that I took over Delray from the Marriott in 05!

Amy said...

Hi Amy! The flying skywriting guy makes more photo-ops than he probably knows-(every Sunday). I would have loved a "love", but he was more into "trust" last weekend!

I love your blog-and you're Nunley's Ferris wheel post. I was visiting LI last month and was going over the bridge from Long Beach and I swore I saw the Ferris Wheel in the corner of my eye. Thanks to you, I know it was real-

Anonymous said...

Two Amy's traveling the same path! Love your blog as well.

Sans! said...

What an incredible Sunday! Did you really take that last pic on that Murakami morning?