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Monday, May 16, 2011

Teahouse found

I love wandering weekends because you find out that the wonderful crayon colored place you love to walk by has been transformed into a restaurant/teahouse-

The Rectory is one of those painted houses that you daydream about living in, a tin-roofed turn of the century tucked away off the main street, painted purple and pink and aqua and cobalt blue. You walk past it, and imagine its story, and what it could be like inside. The best part of this story is that you can step on the porch, you can go inside, and wander around, and you can sit down and stay for a while. And it's better inside than you hoped it would be.

Best friends Cie and Maureen have turned the house into a paint-box colored tea house and restaurant. There's jewelry, and objects, and bread, and cakes (and pizza!) and a room filled with tea. Its the kind of place where everything looks more beautiful and tastes better than you're used to. You actually look at your iced tea before you try it, because its orange is the deep, bright orange they taught you when you were a little kid.

And yes, everything was as good as it looks.

Oh yes. It was.

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Pubdoll said...

What a wonderful, amazing place! It's really like something out of a fairytale! So nice to have a place like that in a walking distance!
And yes, everything did look jummy, I love salads - and chocolate :-)

Sans! said...

Helene, wouldn't it be great if we can meet in a tea house like this ?

Thank you Amy, I love the teahouse too and definitely all your posts as well :).

Amy said...

Absolutely likewise!

I would love to meet both of you there! Who knows? Maybe someday...