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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Collections: Tiny Furniture

Has anyone ever explained to your satisfaction the reason why we're fascinated by tiny furniture?
A lot of the time it's treated like some kind of complex, or control issue. But that's not it.

I haven't figured it out, exactly. But it has something to do with placing two worlds together, and jumping between them. The larger world vanishes, reappears. Logic gets tossed a little, like it does when we watch cartoons. We get forced out of logic, maybe, for a few minutes.

I don't mind leaving logic and proportion behind every once in a while.


Sans! said...

Me too! And it's getting more and more frequent that I stay longer in the other world, the one where logic and proportions don't matter :).

I love all your posts (and see that I have missed quite a few) but the mini ones, they make my heart goes boom boom pow! :)

By the way, did you make all those furniture?

Amy said...

Well, you have been taking me on a journey lately, that's for sure-palaces and places I wouldn't otherwise see, or know about. Amazing things. And those decorated illustrated walls, Wow. So thank you for that.

I didn't make the furniture, only painted the little sideboard. Most of the chairs and the sofa and coffee table and radio were sent to my from Europe by my friend Kay, some of the best gifts I have ever received, and the rest were just found in flea markets..