...or tries to...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


About a mile from home is a preserve, Wakotahatchee. (It's a Seminole word that means "created waters"). And it was created, engineered, tucked into a space between walled-in subdivisions, minutes away from the countless Walgreens that sprout up overnight. But it's its own universe, that beautiful colaboration between nature and nurture that we dream so much about. When I go there this time of year, it's vibrating with new nests, baby birds, their parents calling to them, to eachother, balancing and bouncing on thin branches.

Young anhingas

A cormorant lets me get too close

Flowers popping and bursting

Duckweed beginning to carpet the water's surface

The water wears the sky

Sun lights the fireflag.

The one obliging alligator drifts.


Sandy said...

Stunning pictures, Amy!
One of your captions (the water wears the sky) reminds me of a book I'm reading now. I have been thinking of you throughout the whole book.

It's called Tinkers, by Paul Harding. It's a first novel, put out by a small press - and it won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction! If you haven't heard about it (I just stumbled across it), please check it out.

His descriptions of nature are not only beautiful, but moving and profound. I think you would really enjoy reading it.

Amy said...

Since I'm a space cadet, I haven't heard of it, Sandy! But it's on my list as of now. I've been so slow to read up lately-I just read "Freedom", finally, and started "Never Let Me Go". Can you imagine your first novel winning the biggest prize? Actually, I think it would paralyze me...