...or tries to...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I love shops after they close, the way they look through their windows. They become dioramas, absent of human buzz and burn, or stage sets after the curtain drops, or dollhouses, emptied of their dolls.

Without people there, the blouses take our shape, our presence. Suggesting more, like Anne Francis in her episode of the Twilight Zone.

Books look even more delicious, like candy in boxes just before you sample them.

And I gaze much longer at things that I would never really want.


Sans! said...

Amy, this is like me loving a dinner setting before the guests arrive. You doll up your dining room for your friends yet the best moments after all that hard work are when you are sitting in that room all by yourself drinking in all that you have done.

A silent shop is one that speaks the most to you, don't you think? They have so many stories. This particular one that you have picked is so interesting, like an epic novel.

O yes, I often wish I can enlarge your picture to look at the details. Somehow this function is disabled. If you do not wish it, I can understand , no worries.

Amy said...

It's true, something is going on with my photos-some enlarge with no problem, and then some don't, and so far I haven't figured out why. I'll try to get it worked out-thank you for wanting to see them larger!

I can just imagine the store windows in the places you go-they must be amazing.

Sans! said...

Amy, the thing about the pictures, it had happened to me as well. I just remove the image and then load again. Not sure if that will help you.