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Monday, June 13, 2011

A few minutes under the sea

Mom and I went to the Norton Museum yesterday to see different kinds of things that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, like the pill-infused paintings of Fred Tomaselli and Chinese funerary miniatures and Paul Allen's collection of sci-fi movie costumes - (ok, I'll say it, I went to see Captain Picard's uniform and the evil Captain Kirk's gold lame tunic from "Mirror, Mirror". It's still very shiny. And kind of sweaty looking. There. It's out. I'm a dork. They wouldn't let me photograph that stuff, or this post would be about Seven of Nine and Star Wars cloaks and Blade Runner outfits instead).  And we usually walk past the Harris Pavilion there, the room with the ceiling filled with Dale Chihuly glass. Maybe I just pay less attention to famous living artists successful beyond belief, it's probably a defense mechanism for any artist just starting out.  But yesterday we took a break, and went in, and sat down, and looked up, and it really was a very good few minutes under a deep glass sea.

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