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Friday, June 10, 2011


My friend Katety saw this photo of my studio over at Flickr and was sharp-eyed enough - you ain't kidding - to ask what the fortune on my lamp read. (It must mean something to me if I mean to read it every day). And actually, it does:

But for all the Chinese food I've eaten through the years I have saved very few fortunes, though the idea of a cookie as a form of communication is still a delight.  Mostly, they have been like this:

And another, that did not survive my move: "You like sunshine and fresh air".  Yeah, well, that I already kind of knew.

I'm still trying to figure this one out:

I mean, I get it, but patience isn't exactly the main factor in getting an egg actualized, it's more of an action thing. I'm really patient, and so far that's led to more footless eggs than I would like.

This one speaks for itself:


 I'm not sure if this is the secret of life or a subliminal message telling me to give it all up now:

But my all time favorite, the one I kept in my wallet for five years and now can't find, that must have flown out into the air with a crumpled dollar bill at my local Dunkin Donuts, read:

"You're in over your head, time to get professional help".

Thanks, fortune.


Sans! said...

O Amy, your cookie fortune collection really cracked me up! :) You do know that in this part of the world and even China, we do not have fortune cookies? I've always wondered who invented it. Probably not even a Chinese. Time to google :).

Amy said...

I'm not surprised to hear that! I did look it up, and they (those who know about fortune cookies, apparently), write that they first may have shown up in California, and that they were adapted from a traditional Japanese cookie,that also had fortunes inside them. I did not know that!

Raceyflips said...

Now that's a fine fortune collection! I think that your favorite is also my favorite. : ) Thank you for the edification in regard to the fortune cookie's Japanese origin.

Amy said...

I'm still so sorry I can't find it, you would think it was a lot more than a tiny slip of paper! No one believed me when I described it, (and why fortune cookies come up so much in conversation, I don't know why), but then I would pull it out of my wallet and say See? I guess I took it pretty seriously...