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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Night Lights

It's the time of year now in Florida when the heat rolls in, this time with drought, so the day-lit colors that I obsess over are starting to bleach. Summer is night's favorite season here. The sky deepens from aqua to cobalt to indigo blue, then retreats completely. The lights come up, and everything that has been painted gives off a crayon-box glow, revealing what you can't see in the daytime - a lime green hallway, an acid-orange ceiling, a cherry red staircase.

Everything downtown starts to look like pieces of a stage set -

Chairs have their own footlights.

And dresses look like drawn curtains.

Everyone has composed their own little dramas, in courtyards, and on walls.

With scene-stealers, like Theo.

Even empty stores look like they're set up for some kind of play to start.

And side-streets seem like backdrops for something,

Even when they weren't staged for any reason other than what they are.  

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