...or tries to...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Giant Garage Sale 2: Floored

The floor at the Giant Garage Sale was as fascinating as the tabletops, maybe a bit more mysterious-stuff thrown in boxes, stacked and piled. Things leaning, dropped, tossed.

Sweaters styled fifty years ago but never worn. Paintings of deep blue seas and mist shrouded mountains, portraits of fish and chickens, dozens of sad-eyed, pensive girls.

And boy clowns.

Lastly, this is what I bought, and brought home with me. Not things I normally want, but who knows why we want what we want?

Maybe knowing why takes all the fun out of it.


Sans! said...

Had to come back again to rummage through that salt and pepper sets box. Hmmm, maybe that yellow and black basket sitting on the table behind boy clown.

I believe there's always a reason why we buy what we buy. We just don't always know why when we bought it :) but the reason will come sooner or later , right?

Amy said...

So true, Sans! The reason I bought a hamburger and hot dog salt and pepper shaker may take longer to figure out, but maybe it holds the answers to the secret of life!

I didn't really see what was in the box until i saw the picture, you know how it gets when you're photographing. Then I saw the slot machines, and the telephones, and the irons! I want to a do-over...