...or tries to...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


       Inconspicuous to me, normally, without a macro lens. Though I've always been pretty low to the ground, I'm not this close. 

a cassia petal


hibiscus stigma

Two petals were scattered on the sidewalk, the plumbago grows wild near the air conditioner, the hibiscus bush is next to the garage door, and cursed at daily because it makes it very difficult for me to get my bicycle down the driveway.

Now I want to apologize.


Sans! said...

Amazing photography! Especially the 1st 2. The water looks unreal.This must what the world is like for bees.

Amy said...

Exactly! I think so too, the world through a bee, though their eye site is multiplied, right? Or is that just flies? Back to the internet...