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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid Summer Pop Up

Mid Summer Pop Up is a rare thing here: an artist-created show that was made out of something else entirely. Painter Sibel Kocabasi took a former antique shop, and in a just few days, conjured up a gallery space from it. And from this space, made an exhibition that I am very proud to be a part of. I'm still not sure how she, and all the people that helped her, managed to do it, and so beautifully.

Suspended sculptures by Alette Simmons Jimenez

Sam Perry

Ryan Toth

Sibel Kocabasi

Sarah Knudston

Me (Amy Gross)

and me again.

And all the other wonderful artists, not pictured only because my camera did not do them justice:

Carolyn Sickles,  Jacek Gancarz, Dan Leahy, Freddy Jouwayed, Isabel Gouveia, Jackie Tufford, Jacques De Beaufort, Maxine Spector, Nancy San Pedro, Nune Asatryan, Skip Measelle, Stephan Tugrul.


Daydreamer said...

Wow, Amy! I really like your green mossy mold-spore sort of orb creation! What DO you call them?
That Gallery looks like it couldn't have just been an antiques shop.... they did an amazing transformation!

Sans! said...

I have been meaning to ask you how your exhibition went. So thanks for these pictures. It was almost as if I was there. Especially as the space really reminded me of the ad hoc galleries set up in a row of old conserved houses just down the road where I lived.

Your pieces were displayed really well, I thought. :)

Amy said...

Didn't Sibel work magic? I had sneaked a peak at the shop before she got started, and it was packed with antiques, floor to ceiling. (And there was a really gorgeous wooden doll house there too).

I call some of my objects, well, objects. But some of them are biotopes, which actually is a real word, meaning a small area where different kinds of life co-exist. In my case it's all make-believe life, more about me than the real world, but as much of a mix of the two as I can muster.

Sans, would I Love to see the galleries in the conserved houses! That sets my mind racing. What kind of art did they show?! And thank you about the display-usually my pieces wind up in very spare white spaces, so I loved the red piece on the ornate little table.