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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Popping Up

I was invited by artist Sibel Kocabasi to be part of her alternative space show called Mid Summer Pop Up, opening this Saturday, June 25th in Palm Beach Gardens. Acclimatizing Biotope, a section detailed up there, will be there, and Contagious, too.

Palm Beach County is not exactly brimming with alternative gallery spaces, and thanks to the very hard work by Sibel, art will, literally, be popping up for a week here.

An article about the show and Sibel here, with a slideshow:


Sans! said...

How exciting, Amy! Another exhibition :). I hope it is still exciting for you :)?

I read the article and saw that Sibel was trained in Turkish Art. That is so fascinating for me because I have always been fascinated with the Ottoman empire. Not sure if that is what Turkish art is.

Amy, ever thought of publishing a book on your work? Or have you already?

Amy said...

Oh yes! It's still exciting, always will be! And nerve wracking, because I'm never sure how my work will survive outside this little room.

Sibel is amazing, and took on a challenge to get this space together in such a short time, something I would be terrible at. I think she studied traditional art, but I have to ask her more about that. I should have asked her that already!

No, no book! I've been in some catalogues, and was almost part of a Lark book that was going to be published next year, about artists who use nature as their primary influence. But the American economy killed that project, deep sigh. I could print a vanity book someday, maybe, but it would truly be a vanity project!

I would love to see your doll houses as story books? Have you done that?