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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shadow Boxing

 I've been working small lately, having missed that kind of scale. This small, (five inches square, two inches deep), excludes the rest of the world when you look into them, they're all there is for the few minutes you give them.  I think of them as samplers. As if they were a square of space where I figure out what I can do.  Sometimes the idea behind them is a fabricated version of what would happen if a space were left to time and the elements. In the outside world time and weather and everything natural to that place would arrange what grows there. In my inside world I'm time and weather and place, I substitute and speed up the process. It's the only way I can think of to do this. Why I need to is the mystery.


Sans! said...

Amy, I love every piece and to be able to share your thought process in their creation is why my interest in your work continue to grow with every new piece.

Knowing now that nothing in those boxes were real or that these could be depictions of what you see when you re looking down ;) gives me the ability to look at your art at a closer, more personal level. :) I don't care whether you are supposed to view art that way but I like it better.

The next best thing to seeing your work in real life is to be able to see the enlarged version of your photos and they work now for this post.

Amy said...

Blogger has fixed up their posting template, it seems, and now the photos enlarge-go figure! Thank you so much, Sans, for looking and being interested and saying such lovely things about my work, it's so important to me, and makes sharing them much less daunting. And that it's "traveling" so far, to you so far away from here, still amazes me, and I think it always will.