...or tries to...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


No. I'm not here today. 

Not here either,

giving a sand castle a try. (I didn't build this one, but some very talented person(s) came, built, and went away).

Not walking along this path, made up of millions of tiny white shells.

Haven't done any of this in a while. It's ok, I'm awake, I'm alive.
But why don't I? Why don't we? Even when we can. Not all the time, not every day, but sometimes. Sometimes gets short shrift, pushed away like Someday. And is in very short supply.


Daydreamer said...

WOW, Amy, What gorgeous photos! Even if you are not there... you found the photos ... and shared them!!! I have not gone to the ocean this year.... my Dad is staying in New Mexico all year this year... so I would have to find a different place to stay... And Boy, do I MISS it! I have many of my beach photos on one of those digital photo frames.... but it's not the same.
Why do we NOT go? I think we train ourselves to only allow so much "doing nothing"..... and so we have to work really hard to make the excuses to just GO when we think of it! At least.... that's MY excuse!
Thank you for taking me to the beach.... vicariously!

Sans! said...

Were the pictures taken by you, Amy? These pictures recording the times when you WERE there :).

I am lucky. I was just there 2 weeks ago in Bali, one week ago when running and maybe this Sunday again. Living in a small island helps.

rosanna said...

Why ?? why don't we allow ourselves rest and peace and a breathtaking sight ?
Tough question and a good one...
I live next to the sea, just a few minutes walk and yet I never go. It's stupid because as soon as I do I feel so much better. And yet I seldom walk that brief path.
I often ask myself why and I still haven't found an answer. At least one which I can cope with.
Thank you for sharing these wonderful images, Rosanna

Amy said...

Betsey, I just don't know! Sometimes I start thinking that if I let go, even for a little while, I'm going to fall behind, whatever that really means. Even though I manage to be insanely busy most of the time, it hasn't really gotten me to where I think I should be. Maybe that's the point, that a lot of it is running around in circles, and the "doing nothing" is actually a very big something.

San, yes they were-in three different places. The hammock and the grouping is Jupiter, Florida, on the Atlantic Ocean, the castle beach is Sanibel, on the Gulf of Mexico, and the shell path is in Sarasota. I grew up on a smallish island too, pretty wide but narrow, and always lived ten minutes away from the water-a Bali beach sounds lovely, I'm so happy you actually go-I'm going to listen to you.

Rosanna, isn't it painfully true? I haven't been to the beach in almost a year, and its ten minutes away. If I lived in the middle of the country I would long for a day by the sea. Why don't we pay more attention to the gifts we actually have? It does do wonders, the light and the air and the scents and the way it feels to be at the edge of something.

Eartha Kitsch said...

It's so, so true and what a great reminder. I'm not lucky enough to live anywhere near a beach but I'm going to lose myself in nature this weekend just to regroup again.