...or tries to...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Flora and fauna

In a few square yards, such strange and wonderful things are growing.

Prickly trees, (Silk Floss)

(seriously so).

Insect galls.

Caterpillars that eat everything they can,
(Monarch Butterflies soon)

while holding on for dear life. 
(she's a Queen Butterfly-to-be)

And messages from the more destructive species, who still make their points, sometimes good ones, in the wrong places.


TheEccentricLady said...

Creepy post! Have a wonderful 4th weekend.

Amy said...

A bit more Halloween than 4th of July, right?

You have a wonderful 4th too!

Sandy said...

I love your shots of the butterflies to-be. Even in the caterpillar stage they are beautiful to me. Great find, Amy!

I also liked the shots of the blooms of the variegated ginger. I took some shots of the ones in our yard, last year. The blooms up close look like little orchids to me.

As for that weird looking tree - it's sorta scary looking - I wonder what it is?

Amy said...

Sandy-you are my hero! I've never known what the flower was, and I've only seen in two places here. Thank you thank you-(I love knowing the names of things).

Crazy tree, right? It's a silk floss, from South America. The only other one I've seen up close is in Fairchild Tropical Gardens down in Miami. How it wound up here is the greatest mystery of all, in front of an old turn of the century house. Someone had to have planted it specifically-it's not the kind of tree that just floats around on its own.

Daydreamer said...

Ah! The remains of some Nineteenth Century Horticulturist's old garden! What an EXOTIC find! I Love your viewpoint .... so close and specific! I have adored being able to take really close photos since I went "digital" but I have not learned how to use the extremely close-up lens. I'm so happy just being able to get detailed photos of tiny things.... but I do need to learn how to get even more detailed....

Amy said...

It's so interesting you said that, because, though not a formal garden, it is in front of one of the few 19th century houses downtown. I think that each resident that moved into it must have left some kind of planting, and it's all added up to this curiosity cabinet of a yard.

I wish I had an even closer lens, it's pretty much a point and shoot camera with a good macro setting. But it gets super close if I hit the zoom in the macro mode. A real photographer probably wouldn't like the results, it gets kind of filmy, but it looks kind of dream-scapey to me, which I love. Once you get going with your close-up lens, you'll be addicted---