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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In the Company of Orchids

My neighbor's orchids put me in the mood to go back to the American Orchid Society last Sunday, to see what my true orchiding neighbors had been doing since I went there the first time, years ago. I remembered a concrete circle and the beginnings of a garden, and a greenhouse, but not much more. Well, since then, it's filled out. To say the least.

It's filled up with trees that look like they're draped for a costume party,

and walks that circle and encircle

lily ponds

and deep shady places to stop and sit.

Here, outside the greenhouse, the orchids tower.

Inside the greenhouse is a conjured jungle.

In real life, in person, they seem more like strange inventions, hybrids of insect and flower,

Not cheeky, like the flowers down my street that thrive in relative neglect, but things you give your time to, your head and heart to.


Daydreamer said...

Amy, I LOVE the "conjured jungle" environments of botanical gardens! Your photos are beautiful.... I can almost feel the steamy atmosphere...!

Amy said...

Thank you! Don't you wish you could have a indoor jungle in your own backyard? There's a utilitarian area right next to the jungle room, with more growing orchids than I had ever seen in my life. But a small one would do just fine for me-right off the kitchen, maybe...

Sans! said...

Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid hybrid was chosen to be our national flower in 1981 and since then, orchids have been identified with Singapore. I have seen many but your orchid garden has some that look most unusual. Like Betsy commented, your photographs are amazing.

I wish I can send you some. They are commonly sold here in the markets for so little. So much so that I take them for granted. You make me want to go up to these orchids, hug them and apologise for never ever giving them a second look.

Amy said...

Sans, that reminded me, the time I flew Singapore Airlines they gave each of us a tiny orchid with our lunch tray! That explains it. I kept it as long as I could. You can just imagine how much I would LOVE to see the orchids in your markets. I hadn't been paying much attention to them either, it was years since I remembered the Orchid Society, or really took a look at the ones growing on my neighbor's trees. I loved them when I lived in New York, of course, when I would go to a place called Planting Fields in the dead of cold cold winter and see them in their greenhouses. I never thought i would live someplace where they grow everywhere, like dandelions.