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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This was the last time for a while that my birthday landed on the Labor Day Weekend, so we jammed it full with all the things I love to do. One of those things was the monthly Antique Fair, and unlike the Giant Garage Sale, an event of infinite "yes", I had to promise myself "not to". Not to buy any more Frankoma, not to bring home another world globe, not to fixate on the lamp made from driftwood and mushroom coral. It was more of a place for looking, of clandestine photography. This month I fixated on things in cases, those flat black rectangles lined in wadded cotton, with their collages of tiny disparate things.

They're under glass not because they're fragile, but kept from our fingers because they're expensive, and easily pocketed. But I love the way they float in their own bubbles of time, when the pins were hipster, the rocket car was the ride of the future.

There was a yo yo too small to yo, a doll smaller than a doll's fork,

tintypes of people I'll never know anything about.

I would love to know how each of these things ended up together, pressed under glass like leaves, even if their stories are ordinary. It's the ordinary that I think I love the most, their trails long lost.

Everything ends up together in combinations we can never predict or plan, like the three dolls living in a matchbox, a matchbox brought home from Maxim's Chicago, one night, in someone's soft, dark pocket.


Daydreamer said...

Happy Birthday a few days late, Amy!

Obviously you know how to celebrate!

Isn't it mysterious what gets saved and what gets lost?

Sans! said...

Yes, I echo Bets to wish you here a happy belated birthday but may you have a great birthday month too!

I have always enjoyed our little window-shopping sprees together. No difference this time. You made me scrutinise every one of the dolls and toys. How can we throw any of our play things away anymore ? And if you heard my oohinh and ahhhing, it was over that littlest pair of "tortoiseshell" spectacles :).

And speaking of encasement, this is the link to the cupboard shrine I made in September last year : http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/2010/09/day-189-190-sacred-place.html . The post has a good pic of the little things encased in that cupboard :). I am so flattered you asked to see the details, Amy.

Amy said...

Betsy and sans, thank you! It's been a very very good month so far!

It is a great mystery-I was watching a show last night about the story behind antiques and the word "provenance" came up, a word I wouldn't use in everyday conversation, but it does cover it-the history of things, how they were made, where they were made, who owned them, who loved them, how they were passed from hand to hand and home to home. I wish we could have that for even the tiniest things-the things that travel the most, and the further, in bags, boxes, pockets, things that were bought, or picked up and found. I wish we could read that somehow-objects' DNA.

Oh Sans-I just examined your incredible cupboard shrine, and it is exquisite! And the drawer with the candles and incense-the goddesses and flowers, so beautiful that it really truly transcends scale. It is real.