...or tries to...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sidewalk Stories

So many stories on a sidewalk after it rains. A strip of cement that connects one house with another, swept bare most of the time, but after a storm it's imprinted with what remains after wind and water shift things around. 

There's a leaf turned transparent as a scrap of tissue paper.

Another split directly in half, tossed like a torn photograph.

There's an orchid petal plucked loose and carried off, held to the ground by raindrops.

An insect, (some kind of wasp?) that didn't make it through,

and an anole that did, thriving in the heat and the wet, having descended from others that came here on ships, in crates, traveling over one hundred miles, from Cuba.

Snails that have their own version of time and distance, inching around puddles as deep and wide to them as ponds. Trying to get where they need to go before the next afternoon storm,

or after.


Daydreamer said...

Amy, I love the close-up of the raindrops on the orchid petal! And I LOVE the snail! What a perfect photo! I didn't think it was so tiny until you included your hand.... There is something so charming about a critter that carries it's house with it! And to think that the very presence of the shell transforms the EEEWW of a Slug into the Cute of a snail! I remember once when I visited a friend in England it had rained and her garden was FULL of snails.... Large Snails.... but her children were having SNAIL RACES with them! It was hilarious because they tended to veer off course which made you prod them which just made them go into their shells! The very IDEA of Racing such slow creatures is funny!
Thanks for the memory!

Sans! said...

The leaves looked like you have painted on them :) but it is the snail that took my breath away. I want it roaming in my village house instead of the rat.

Amy said...

I haven't seen the movie Dr Doolittle for a long long time, I'm not convinced I would like all that much today, but I will always remember the giant pink snail, how they made up an apartment inside her shell and traveled the sea that way. Maybe that started up my love of shifting scale, along with The Borrowers and reruns of Land of the Giants and Stuart Little? It's so true about the slug/snail conflict-I guess the secret to success is all in the accessorizing! Add a fluffy tail to your village rat and he's a chipmunk...