...or tries to...

Monday, October 10, 2011


It's October, right? I'm trying to get into the mood. But it's hard to. It's going to be 90 degrees this week. They promised us a cool front by Friday, which means a high of 86. They're selling scarves and gloves in Target, but I can't imagine wearing them, I can't even touch anything that's been knit. I wasn't born here, so I get all wish-I-was-there, which turns into a nostalgia chowder of actual childhood memories - mushy pumpkins, rakes combing through brown grass, stuffing wet leaves down the back of my brother's shirt, and autumnal Martha Stewart - spiced cider, Wellington boots, elaborate table centerpieces made of wild pheasant feathers and hand-carved gourds. I don't know if I'm missing anything real, but who cares?  Looking up at a cobalt blue sky through the acid yellow canopy of a Norway maple will always be October for me. A gently waving palm tree will never be. Though, to be honest, I think all that glorious marigold and firewood musked leaf turning glory actually took place in November.

Anyway, I need to get into the mood somehow. Maybe a bit of Halloween reconstruction, dollhouse style, from a year or two ago.

...and the year before that. Maybe it will work. I hope so. I'll let you know. 


rosanna said...

Your dollshouse is festive, I like it so much
When it comes to Autumn here is thesame. It's still so warm that the beaches are crowded and I haven't worn anything warmer that a shirt for the last 6 months: totally unnatural even here.
I prefer warm weather but I begin to yearn for a cooler temperature and warmer colours on trees.
Have a nice day , Rosanna

Patty said...

aaahhh! Pictures of my favorite dollhouse! It looks so wonderful and festive. I feel your yearning about the weather......I wouldn't ever want to be in hot sunny weather for the Fall or especially Christmas....Even though I couldn't handle the snow I really want a gray and cold morning on Christmas Day.....no sun at all. It just wouldn't feel the same if it was sunny and hot.

SyBee and Theo-the-cat said...

Hello it's the orange cat, orange like pumpkins ! ;-)
Nice to hear speaking of warmth ! Here in France weather is now colder and sometimes rainy after "indian summer" till the last days and my boiler is in function again in the evening and I wear 2 wool sweaters !!! But fortunately the next week-end weather will be better again (20° Celsius) !
Have a nice week !

SyBee and Theo-the-cat said...

Just forgot this :
Some of the "morning sun" photos that I spoke of are only now today published on the blog. The others you saw were taken under the afternoon light in the garden ! ;-)

rosanna said...

I read just now...8 inches snails ????? OMG definitely not my place !

Daydreamer said...

Amy, I am having a hard time too! Last weekend it was Gorgeous here.... almost 80 degrees! We still have only had two mornings with light frosts..... it just is being very mild and WET again...! This post has helped to JAR me awake.... only a couple of weeks left....? And I have some scary blog tales to put together.... and I have been SO absorbed with the new Cupboard House project.... !
Typically this is the time of year I start to design my annual Christmas Card (at least in my mind...!) ... and the Winter is going to arrive and catch us all napping!
I LOVE your dollhouse Doorway scenes... Amy you really must let it come back out of the closet...
Your attention to detail is so WONDERFUL! I love the Fedex envelope slipped under the mat..... and you even have realistic looking Halloween decor!Not to mention the Door itself with that beautiful knocker... it's all so beautiful and really sets the mood!
Thank you!

Sans! said...

My favourite dollhouse celebrating Halloween :) and although I have never liked festivals associated with ghosts ghouls or the long gone, I think the Red House looks very becoming with scattering skellies against the fall colours.