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Friday, November 11, 2011

HESA Inprint

I'm thrilled beyond thrilled to be part of HESA Inprint magazine's Botany issue, and in such good company. Sometimes a theme just calls out to you. HESA is a joint English and Finnish creation, a lovely orchestration of art and literature, and has a fascinating blog as well. Each month follows a topic, collects all kinds of creative work that fits the theme, and follows the variations-each as individual as you would imagine it could be.

To see their beautiful blog, and the issue: just click!


Daydreamer said...

Congratulations Amy!
Your work is worthy of the notice!
But still, the excitement and thrill of Recognition in the larger Art Community is a wonderful feeling!
Validation! That sense that others approve and understand.... why do we NEED it so? Why is the drive to create and express ourselves not enough by itself? Or, maybe it is and the recognition is just the icing on the cake....
Enjoy that icing!!!!

Sans! said...

:) Why indeed, Betsy?

Amy, you know I love your biotopes and to see them presented like this on a full page is such a treat.

I will so buy your book, Amy. Your 150 page hard cover coffee table book. It will feature your work, a piece at a time and there will be a narration by you about each one. I want to hear all their stories.

In fact, I want to see one at my home. :)