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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coffee table reading

I sometimes daydream about having an extra room to call the library, with floor to ceiling bookshelves, with a ladder on tracks, with a long table in the center wired with reading lamps, with an overstuffed chair near the window, wait, no - with a window seat stuffed with pillows, with an antique card catalogue that still holds dog-eared typed up cards from a library renovated long ago, with...You get the idea. Books in my homes have always shared space in dining rooms, in bedrooms, in living rooms. They sprawl, they pile up, they topple. I haven't yet been able to say, in reply to an inquiry about the whereabouts of a family member, "he's in the Library" with a pretentious faux accent designed to prove that I really know how pretentious that sounds, (though secretly digging it). So coffee tables have always stood in for the library, and in a way, that's good - the books of the moment aren't tucked away neatly, and when finished, they make way for the newer ones, forming that towering stack of words and photographs and essays and articles and illustrations that tilt and topple and color in your internal life.


rosanna said...

How well I understand you.... give me a library and you'll make me happy.

Daydreamer said...

OOOOOHHH, Amy I'm Drooling here.... I'm "reading" your coffee table and sighing over your books! And even the Table itself is Beautiful and Tells a story or two I am sure!
In my old house we actually called the front room the Library.... it was where all the Bookshelves were and that differentiated it from the Living Room where the woodstove was and the squishy sofa and eventually the TV and computers settled... and the boys "lived" there too! But the Library was always the room for reading bedtime stories and drawing pictures and cutting out paper inventions..... the quieter room on opposite ends of the house. When I moved to this house I had to sell 3/4 of my books! I can't believe I did that! But, there simply was not enough room for all those bookcases..... Now my books are stacked on the tables and floor and chairs..... Although I am TRYING to not buy so many!
Of course, I'm a Design magazine junkie too!
Yes, a Library is a piece of Paradise.... even if it is only as big as the Coffee Table!

Amy said...

We understand each other well, Rosanna!

Oh Betsey-to actually have a library, and to use it so well, filling it with family and art and bedtime stories as well as stacks of books! Perfect. Just as it should be.

Sans! said...

In almost every room, I dedicate wall space to shelves for books. Every room has a "library". So I have librarIES, how's that for upping the pretensions? But I will readily swap house with you , just for Christmas :)