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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Becoming real

From this,

 to this, virtually overnight.

My studio looks more like a set from Michel Gondry's Science of Sleep, a dream-scene of corrugated cardboard skyscrapers, though completely without his trademark whimsy. 


(Not whimsical. Not one bit).

The most amazing thing about all this finishing and tweaking and boxing and taping and folding and bubble-wrapping is that it actually is the very physical, very real end to a long period of imagining and hoping and magical thinking. Magical thinking because this show, my first Two Person, was always two years away, no matter what day it presently was. Even a few months ago it seemed that way. It was only recently that it became an actual time, a place, a wherewhatwhen. Which is really wonderful, despite the jumping stomach and the ear-splitting eagle-shrieks of packing tape, the realities of truck dimensions, the fears of forgetting something important or even what my work is about. Things that were floating around in air have come back down - I no longer feel like the party planner trying to figure out how to get all the balloons off the ceiling. 

Maybe a show is really a version of the art making process itself, a very public tethering of personal thoughts onto something you can see and hold. Up until now, it's been a plan, a series of inventions designed to get those thoughts back down. Until now, it's both much better and far worse than I want it to be. And once it's in my hands, it is, well, what it is, with a life span. It'll be interesting finding out how that feels.

(Here's a little about the show, where I'm sharing the gallery with the amazing paintings of Barry Sparkman, on the site You R Here)


February 3rd - March 21, 2012

I'll see you soon!


Daydreamer said...

BRAVO, Amy! What an accomplishment! The transformation of your tiny, precise, Beautiful little worlds into these Huge, Bulky, Ugly.... but SO Protective cases is another Artform all it's own! The Hidden Gem within the unremarkable shell... But we ALL have learned that Wonderful things come out of Brown cardboard Boxes! It will be such a REVELATION to see them emerge in their new environment! I hope you can find the time to ENJOY those moments!
Congratulations on a Major Accomplishment!

Sans! said...

It's finally here, this 2 person show that has been keeping you busy. The excitement, trepidation (or are you quite used to that already? Is anyone ever?), anticipation. I can imagine a little of how you must feel at this point. Perhaps a little tired too now that the frantic creating is over , kind of like after a long run and the endorphin's worn off and all you want to do for a while is to not think and sleep or watch tv or a movie :).

But next Thursday you will have to set up for opening night? Will you be doing it yourself? I love setting up :).

And on opening night, there will be dancing and wine and admirers and friends . Will you share it with us?

Then after that, perhaps some time for play ? Like dollhouses maybe?

Amy said...

Oh Sans-I wish! That would be exactly what I would do when I come back, just dollhouse it for two weeks straight. But I have a deadline, the textile design kind, not long after...maybe after that? Maybe?

You know, I'm more calm than I thought I would be-two years ago I would get kind of whoozey, but not so much now. It's like the first time I rode Space Mountain in Disney World-I was sick to my stomach on that very long line and my Dad had to take me off, and the next day I was sick to my stomach on the line, and in the car, and up the first rise. But as soon as it really got going, it was the best ride ever. Maybe it will be like that again-I hope so. Thank you for coming along on the ride with me - I will so definitely share it, the setting up and the opening, and the dancing-(there will be dancing!)

Amy said...

Betsey, that's hilarious! I love reverse transformation idea-like I was putting all my walnuts back into their ugly shells! I hope the brown cardboard boxes make the trip in one piece-I've never used more tape in my entire lifetime.

Thank you so much my friends, for being so supportive, and having such sharp eyes, and being so lovely to me!

Laurie said...

Excited to see your work!

Amy said...

Excited to get to see you again, L!!