...or tries to...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Night

Under the electric starfish, my town celebrates First Night, filling the streets up:

with thousands of people, and lights, including the moon,

with glowing mohawks,

and very tall puppets,


 and dancers,

things that twirl

and spin,

bikes that glow,

very tall trees,

and extra large poetry.

Then, at midnight, we drop the car. (it's real)

and the sky explodes-

They shoot ping pong balls out of cannons,

and the year begins again.

Hope you had a Happy New Year, Everyone!


Daydreamer said...

Glad to see you had a Starry(fish) night, Amy! Your Town celebrates with enthusiasm!
Here in the colder spots... those who brave the outdoors for hours at night are..... I won't say crazier... but certainly more Determined than I Am... to be Outdoors in a BIG way!
I had a Quiet indoors evening... very Tame... very Mini... results to be shown later...
I LOVE all the lights you show.... But Ping-pong balls from Cannons???? That is WILD!

Sans! said...

I LOVE your town :). It's like my whole country, that town :) and yet small enough to remind of Stars (HEY! STARS!) Hollows of the Gilmore Girls, the psychedelic version :). So thank you Amy, for sharing these pictures. It is a great way to bring in the New Year!

But why do you drop a perfectly good car? Looks like a brand new VW? :) Ok I am spoiling the fun .

Amy said...

HNY Betsey! The ping pong balls are a bit startling-I had a few land on my head this year. My Northern New Years were always indoors-I was always too temperature challenged for Times Square! I like staying home too-but the lure of giant puppets and streets covered in bubble wrap and make-your-own New Year hats is always too strong-so downtown we go...

HNY Sans! Your year always starts before us, so you definitely get the jump on the celebration! We'd be Starfish Hollow, right? Come to think of it, you're right, it is kinda Stars Hollowy here-even more so when we have things like the Garlic Festival next month-(garlic ice cream) and the rolling bed races later in the year.

I'd love to see your city ring in the new-it's such a beautiful place, from the pictures I've seen-

Oh-and they just lower the car-someone wins it in a raffle. It's a Fiat-the little one, really cute, but the size of a hatbox, it seems! And that's coming from someone who drives a Mini.