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Saturday, January 21, 2012

In the Cassia Tree

Speaking of trees, this is our Cassia, a young one, a baby, really. It sits in our front yard, tilting, growing out its haircuts so quickly that it seems to be laughing at our attempts at taming it, our feeble fumbling for curb appeal. But, see, if you don't tame your trees here, you get a letter in your mailbox. Cassia tree doesn't care. It does its own thing. Cassia tree loves life. It's kicking it old school. It's chillaxed. If it could talk, I know it would call me Dude.

So, if you come closer, Cassia won't mind.


into its yellow and green.

 You brush the pods aside and go in under,

where Poppa Dove is sitting, guarding his mate, and their eggs,

in her nest, built last year by two mockingbirds raising two very noisy babies. Mourning Doves do this, make another breed's nest their own. They moved in here last week, I think,

and are not that happy that we found them there, with our cameras and loud voices.

No, not happy at all.

We beg your forgiveness. We're going. Cassia tree is yours.


Eartha Kitsch said...

Beautiful post. I'd want to live there too.

Daydreamer said...

Oh WOW, Amy! PLEASE tell me you got that close with the telephoto lens! (I can't imagine getting so close otherwise!)Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Photos!
At my old home I used to collect bird nests... only the ones that had fallen from the trees or were in the boughs of a Christmas Tree... but I had at LEAST twenty or so of all sizes and it is amazing how different the nests all were! I have painted bird nests on Many of my pieces of furniture... and walls... but I rarely would see the nests occupied! The exception being the Robins who would nest on the rafters of our deck... building in April when the deck was hardly used .... and then under MUCH stress when we humans emerged from the house in May! (Not to mention the CAT tormenting them...!)
I hope the Doves recover from your discovery..... Thank you for showing... I LOVE the closer look!

Amy said...

Eartha-smart birds. And they didn't even have to do a thing, nest was move-in ready.

Betsey-the tree is so small, no more than eight feet tall, and the nest is just over the top of my head, and I'm vertically challenged. So the doves were pretty much that close, just a little stretch of the lens. Believe me, I'm sure they liked their nest better before we found them there. But we're trying super hard to be respectful. Poor things, if either of them take a little break we start blubbering, where are they? Are they ok? Did the cat get them? (A little stray kitten we named Tuck, who has a white mustache and a predator's glint in his eye).

I love nests too-though I never find any that aren't being used. What a wonderful thing to be that close to a robin's nest-those wonderful blue eggs...

Sans! said...

No way, you made that bird, Amy! I gasped out loud when I scrolled down to the 1st picture. It didn't even look real! Fabulous pictures!

If I have a letter for every untamed tree in my house, my letterbox will have burst :). 8 feet is small but it is still pretty. The flowers look like orchids . We have cassias here impossible not to love them but they can be a pain to sweep .

Amy said...

Sans, I'm always torn about tree styling-we have to keep up with some of the trees here because of the hurricanes, and cool Cassia does get top-heavy. But in Florida some of our banyans aren't allowed to grow as wide as they're supposed to, (they don't respect property lines, right?) and they wind up without the support they need and topple over during storms. It aint easy being a tree.

I would bet our two hometowns share so many of the same trees and flowers, we would be amazed!