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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This is my love-post to Artspace Raleigh. Because my first Two-Person show there was better than I had allowed myself to imagine. How often does that happen?  Does that happen? I can say now, yes.
It does.

First, a peek down the hall of the upper floor, lined with artist's studios:

The monumental borrowed-clothing installation by Jarod Charzewski, downstairs in Gallery One:

And my work's two month home, Gallery Two:

where Director of Programs and Exhibitions, (and curatorial magician) Lia Newman and I and my mom Norma (taking photos just then), unwrapped and cut and untwisted the last four years of my life.

So that it could look like this:

and allow me to share the space with the intricately beautiful work of Barry Sparkman.

My stereoscope project made its debut:

And so did Red Collection:

and Symptomatic:

That's me under Climb, Cling and Drift Away,

my formidable mom, Norma, with Conjoined.

Barry Sparkman's mixed media work:

And a dream of an opening, filled with hundreds of visitors, and what I wanted to see so much-pointing and examining and leaning in close.

 And there was dancing!

Thank you Artspace, Lia and Mary and Chelsea and Katie and Michelle and Paris, to the Artists-in-Residence that I had a chance to talk with, to the amazing David Dorfman Dance group, that set the place on fire, the people of the lovely city of Raleigh, who made First Friday so much fun, thank you all for everything, for an amazing week, an experience that has been life-changing. And special thank you to Laurie and Jim, who traveled to be there, on a very big night.

Amy Gross and Barry Sparkman

February 3rd - March 31st, 2012


Daydreamer said...

I can understand your happiness with the Space.... The Company of Barry Sparkman's Works... The crowd... and the Feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT! What a Wonderful space for your works! I LOVE Them ALL! I wish I could come look closer at the Stereoscope Project... And Every little Bell-jar world! But I think my favorite one is the pillar in the center with the collection of mossy orbs.... and the photo of that one Spellbound man gazing at them is just PERFECT!
Amy, I see EYES everywhere in your works... even the "Red Collection" is arranged in the shape of an eye... and "Conjoined" is like Disembodied EYES....
(Well, I'm SURE you are aware of your Eyes theme...!)
I know how difficult it can be for an Artist who works on a Small Scale to have a Showing that fills a Large space (Although that Gallery seems Comfortably cozy) and not just become Lost! YOU have managed it SUPERBLY! There is Rhythm and Variety and Theme and Repetition and Surprise and even variation of Scale in your arrangements.... almost like a piece of music in Visual expression! So well thought out! So much Work! So BEAUTIFUL!
Well Done, Amy!

Amy said...

Betsey, you have made the experience even better! You are an incredible observer, commenter, friend. You know, I actually didn't see the eye shape in the arrangement of Red Collection, until you pointed it out - it remained a "a little higher, a little lower, a little to the left" experience, (I hadn't hung it before, it was smushed in my studio). But maybe much of what we do is subliminal. A lot of the irises on the eye-like objects are from photographs of my eyes, and my Mom's, and my Dad's, and since we lost him I'm extra happy I took the close-ups. It's almost like he's there, here, everywhere, still looking, still watching.

Thank you so much, B.

Sans! said...

Hello Cutie! :):) You looked really great on opening night in that little red dress. Thank you for sharing those pictures of yours. It was almost like having walked up to you to say hi and of course "CONGRATULATIONS!" That's me and B shouting one Congratulations in each ear :)

Such a fantabulous night! Your own space displaying your work and so many of your friends and admirers to celebrate them with! And how best to celebrate 4 years of hard work than with a dance.

This is a night you will always remember. I love your installations Amy and I have my own personal favourites too. Climb, Cling and Drift Away, Symptomatic, Red Collection in that order and only because I can't really see the others so well. I can totally see them in my space. Love them, really really do :)

Amy said...

Sans, I thought I heard voices! Thank you thank you so much- I was dancing without the music, but the dancing made the whole place come alive. I wish you and Betsey could be there, you two are such a wonderful cheering section, and such creative souls that it makes what you say even more important to me.

Maureen Watson said...

"Congratulations!" Amy. I am overwhelmed by the new work and thrilled to see some of my favorites. The work is wonderful and so well hung. Kudos to the installer. But most of all "Brava" to you.

Love, Maureen

Amy said...

Thank you so much Maureen! That means so much coming from you - you gave me my big break, and Watson MacRae Gallery is like home!

Daydreamer said...

Amy, eyes or no eyes, I believe that wherever he is... he IS there with you, watching and Loving you... just in a way that WE can no longer SEE. At least, that is what I believe.