...or tries to...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Okay. Honestly. Valentine's Day, not a huge fan. But not a hater, either. So I opt, today, to wear a black boat neck top, yes, but with red shoes.

Oliver, too, not a fan. He loves, but on his own terms. So we throw the love dust all over him, because we just can't help it.

Oliver thinks, why is this holiday all about them? 

Good question, Oliver. We don't have an answer. There is no answer. Love just does what it does.

Sorry, sweetie.

Happy Valentines Day!


rosanna said...

I don't love much VD but I do love Oliver in this pic and so does my son. Best wishes, Rosanna

Daydreamer said...

Oh, Amy! WHAT a CAT!!!
They manage to Channel the TRUTH in Such an amazingly innocent, immediate, happy-go-lucky way.... when they have THEIR way! Love!
Love is a warm Red Furry Blanket!
And Red shoes!
(I'm home on Vacation... but I'm wearing a Red (well Raspberry red-hot pink-ish turtleneck...)
I LOVE this picture!

Amy said...

Thanks Rosanna! Happy V day to you, even though we don't love it much...it works for friendship too, right?

Betsey, vacation sounds good...
Oliver is a true mystery to us, a contradiction, a mystery, needy and independant-well, that sounds like a cat, doesn't it. Takes a good picture though, that we know for certain.
Enjoy every minute of your vacation!

colleen dougher said...

So incredibly cute. I love this photo.

Amy said...

Thanks Colleen! Poor guy, he's such a macho man, the things we do to him...

Sans! said...

It's always such a pleasure to be here :) albeit late again and on a topic about the corniest festival :). Sending roses and saying I love yous on VD get the same rolling of eyes as wearing a green and red sweater with reindeer on a Christmas Day....no offence intended .

So my VD , as you may expect, was a big non event. Until I decided, what the heck, let's just text everyone in my family on the mobile and tell them "I love you". I didn't expect how nice it felt when everyone texted back to say the same :).

Yea, Oliver, I felt the same way as you until then.