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Saturday, March 3, 2012


The last few minutes of lunch served at a cafe in a museum. There's no one left but us, and the staff, and tables to be bussed, things put back in place. Everyone is preparing to be somewhere else. Even though we're still here, we're done, thinking about our own particular next. It's the last gasp of the day's table flowers, in the long light that's particular to here, low because it's winter, but lit up green because it's never really winter. They look their best this way, in a way, as they bow and droop, they seem most alive just before we're done with them.

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Daydreamer said...

I LOVE the blue vase with the purple orchids.... and that Table! Gorgeous photo, Amy!
For YEARS I would never cut the flowers from my gardens to bring them inside... I loved them too much where they were and hated to deprive them of even an hour of the daylight! But more recently I have accepted that the blossoms are going fast no matter where they are.... and if I DON'T bring a few to work with me to have on my desk.... I MISS MOST of their open hours! And for years I would make myself WAIT for the first blooms of spring outdoors.... NEVER buying a bunch of tulips or Daffodills from the store.... Until I realized I was only depriving myself of opportunities to glory in the blossoms.... I LOVE the way tulips continue to grow and lengthen once they are cut and in the vase.... and I never throw the bouquet away until it is positively Dessicated....!
Why is it ALWAYS all about TIME??