...or tries to...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


A rare mid-week night out, with my favorite people, all lamp-lit and spot-lit and chandeliered.

Pictures of pictures of pictures, all glowing little screens.

And an Edgar Allen Poe craft show.

And Clematis Street's penultimate night light.


Daydreamer said...

Wow, Amy, you have managed to photograph LIGHTS at NIGHT Beautifully! Not an easy thing to do, in My experience! The lights themselves and the auras they cast are Lovely! And the People they illuminate even Lovelier still! You all look so happy! And I like the way your faces in the photo of the photos becomes a light in itself! You Glow!
I Find Light to be Endlessly fascinating...!

Amy said...

We were starting to turn into ghosts, or blobs, after a few pictures of pictures. I'm not much of a night person anymore, though I used to be, but being both a morning person and a night person was getting old, or I was getting old, either way...anyway, I had to make a choice. I chose morning. But anything that glows will get me out. It reminds me of old amusement parks at night, those giant scratched up Christmas lights in the winter, maybe even that episode of Northern Exposure when Chris makes an installation out of hundreds of lamps-