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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Outside the Box

A tour through Outside the Box, Sibel Kocabasi's latest curatorial journey, at Whitespace, in West Palm Beach - a through the looking glass experience in the dark, with videos, sculpture, an enormous dress,  installations, light shows at the edge of Lake Mangonia. Add to it the calls of gulls far out in the black mixing with recorded crow caws and electronic techno heart beats -


                 Georgeta Fondos

Cheryl Maeder

Matthew Falvey

 Sam Perry

TD Gillespie

Karla Walter

Hanne Niederhausen

Kristin Miller Hopkins

Anja Marais

Eren Kocabasi

Carolyn Sickles

Isabel Gouveia

Two nights only of a house built around memory, the myth of privacy, secrets and loss, of consumers of conspicuous consumption, of nightmares, book circles, drawings come to life, pillars of light, textile nests,  an inflated dress, a sea visit preserved like a dream, a figure crumbled into what seems like, even if it is not, salt. 

Forgive me everyone not pictured, my camera does not love the nightlife.

1 comment:

Daydreamer said...

Ah. Illumination.
Is there Really NOTHING without the Light?
This exploration in the Dark... of our Fantasies... FEARS... Myths... Memories.... Everything is BECAUSE of the Light! However Spectral or Eerie... it is the Shining a Light on it ... metaphorically AND Viscerally... that makes it Appear.... Happen... BE!
I especially Like the Framed but wall-less room.... with the Light Emitting Drawers in the Bureau... Now THAT speaks ... of Secrets, Mysteries... Pandora's BOX!
That and the Latex glove-ish adorned Bougainvilla-ish Viney Creation at the Beginning.... which is POSITIVELY SPECTRAL in it's Illumination!
I Hope you had Company in the Dark!