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Monday, April 30, 2012

Studio Archaeology

I've been cleaning out my studio, (again), not really the studio itself but the things I brought over here after I sold my place, things that started to feel like an enormous weight. Mainly paperwork, documents and traces of ownership, the stuff we call a paper trail, leading us back to who we were. The rest of the things, the objects, just moved from here to over there.

But since my studio is inherited, adopted, clearing it is like a dig, an excavation. I find:

two tiny harmonicas,

mid-century roses,

a pin-up girl for matadors,

awesome co-eds, (I do love a teenage boy in a cravat),

girls who were really, really mad for plaid,

and a folder of photos of my Dad, as a young artist.


Daydreamer said...

Oh, What a Treasure, Amy!
And he such a handsome fellow!
Was it his studio before you?
I have a picture or two of my Daddy at his drawing table.... for a while he moonlighted from home before going into business for himself.... I remember looking over his ... I was going to say shoulder... but Elbow is more like it as I was only about six years old!
It always pays to sort through.... not just toss things away!
Even though one DOES get trapped in the Time Warp of the Past...
Lovely Memories!

Amy said...

It is a strange place to be, half here, half there. I spent so much time, like you, at Dad's elbow. It usually wound up with me working on the floor, which I still sometimes do, though I kinda groan a bit getting up now.

Was your Dad an artist? Do tell me stories! My Dad worked both as an art director in the big city and as a painter in our house, I learned both worlds that way.
And it was his studio, which I've sort of turned almost completely over at this round of clearing out, but he's everywhere, his paintings are on every wall, in every room, in every hallway...

Daydreamer said...

My Dad (is still living!) and is Now an artist. He was discouraged from being an artist by his parents who said he had to have a profession.... so he became an Architect...which he was quite good at! He finally started to paint when he was in his forties.... his style somewhat influenced by Wolf Kahn....and now does more sculpture than painting. He has exhibited some on The Cape where he lives in the Summer.... PTown and Orleans Galleries. In the Winter he is in New Mexico..... his partner's only grandchild is out there so now the family has a Western Foothold in Silver City. They didn't come back East last Summer.... so I missed seeing them!
It must be amazing to work in the same studio that was your Fathers!