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Friday, April 6, 2012


As much as I complain about the times when I have to produce a lot of work in a short period, those protracted, intense marathons turn out to be  all about the actual experience of making things - the physical act of it that I love so much, that I would miss so deeply if I ever used assistants or had a staff. (A staffDo go on, snickers undermining inner voice.). Though the computer has become inseparable from the process and the second act impossible without it, the old-timey dirty fingers aspect of art making is the best part of the whole thing. This has prevented me, so far, from making anything huge, imposing, atmospheric, all-encompassing. I know this a weakness. But this is the part I love. That turning my back to the window, the round shouldered myopic centering in, the unfulfilled and unfulfilling longing to make things perfect with very imperfect hands. I worry about the neglect of important things, (and, sadly, people). And it comes with mess, the scraps and strings and piles of stuff, the digging through boxes of fabric and paper and bowls of paper fungus, the broken needles, the leaking glue bottles, snapped thread, the cranky coffee maker peeing thin coffee mixed with grinds down the side of the work table. The contantly disapproving stare of Mrs. Van Eyck. And losing my chair to Oliver, who otherwise couldn't care less.

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Daydreamer said...

ME TOO!!!!
The Tactile, REAL, Intimate, Involved, Evolving.... Most of all Three Dimensional Experience.... of Creating Something from... not Nothing... but Bits and Pieces!!!!
We NEED that physical involvement!
I LOVE to see the close-ups of your processes... the glimpses of your works.... the bits and pieces.... To understand the engrossing but Pressured by external constraints... push-me... pull-you... aspects of Deadlines...... ! (Are they a stimulus or a hindrance.... as we rush to get "it" done.... but maybe can't take the Time to reach for what "It" Could become.... and are left with making do....???)
Perhaps that is a Question better NOT asked...!
And Everybody should have an Oliver... to remind them what life is REALLY about....!
Truly... I Love these glimpses of your work, Amy!