...or tries to...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Circus Thursday

Last night, in downtown Delray Beach, Atlantic Avenue seemed very much like Atlantic Avenue, except for certain things:

Like girls spinning on rings,

and twirling on sashes,

strong men balancing on one hand,

gentlemen who play with fire, 

and, sometimes, swallow it.

But, best, I think, little kids, (and a few adults) got to fly,

and just that, in itself, was enough.


Sans! said...

Did you, Amy? Did you fly too????

Amy said...

I didn't! I think I might be more of a tightrope walker, if I had the chance. I bet that you would have flown, though...

Daydreamer said...

What IS it about the Circus??? It has always struck me as the Craziest kind of existence....(me who Loves being in ONE place... Quietly creating... often alone... the OPPOSITE of everything Circus!)
And yet that Fascination with looking at what Astonishing things OTHER people will do....!
I loved gymnastics when I was younger... and climbing trees and.... riding horses.... but Now I think I would NOT have tried the trapeze flying.....