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Monday, May 28, 2012

Strange Monday

It was a strange day today, a holiday Monday without people, in a place usually full of people. 

I love standing at the edge of things, we all seem to. Unlike places that let us wander, edges make us stop, think about where we are in space. So today we stopped. Everybody else seemed to have stopped somewhere else.

So we had the riverfront to ourselves, pretty much. (an occasional jogger, lizards, dragonflies, and some leaping silver fish)

And it was wonderful.


Daydreamer said...

Amy, I LOVE your photos!
And the Green nails are to Die For!!!
As for going to the edge... I went to the edge of my property... all around the edge... mowing.... not the same at all as going to the sea...! But it was MY edge... and defined where my limits are.... reminding me that in my Little yard... I have Quite a LOT of Wonderful Landscape! (The Garden is Overflowing!)
And I think the strange Empty Quiet Monday was so PERVASIVE... that even the comment I tried to leave here last night was Swallowed Whole by Blogger.... Leaving even your Comment Box empty!
Yeah, I Love the Quiet too! And thankfully I can come here again today to say my two cents worth!

Sandi said...

Oh Amy... I love the sense of eerie calm your photos (and your words) have captured here...I hope that my words are not swallowed whole by blogger as Daydreamer's above were on the first attempt. :) with Love From Cape Cod, xoxo Sandi

Amy said...

No, they made it here fine, I'm so happy they did. Stuart, Florida is as close to New England as I have found here - I like driving up there to remind myself that houses are also made of wood and gingerbread trim and have gables and front porches, that they're not all stucco and tile! And there's such a sense of the harbor and the shore, of a small main street and a boardwalk. I love Florida very much, but I miss those aspects of the north that I grew up in...

Sandi ~ Love From Cape Cod ~ etsy said...

Amy... Thank you for letting me know that my words didn't get swallowed up. :) ah... yes...the sweet charm of the brick and wood, and gingerbread trim....so very sweet...allowing you to feel the 'personalities' of each home and family. with Love From Cape Cod... on a gentle sea breeze... Sandi