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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three Graces, at last

At last I went to Three Graces Gallery, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and saw my work in a space that I had always suspected was perfect for it, that I knew was intimate and lovely. Kim Ferreira's gallery is like a treasure box with magic things in every corner. I walked in on opening night of The Nature of Things and I knew that it was right.

Molly Bosley

Thank you Kim, for making everything happen, to Bob for his wonderful cooking, for both of you opening your beautiful home to us, and thank you to Jody and Kirsten and Evan and Julie and Eli for traveling to be there with me, thank you forever to Mom, thank you Tiffany and Robin, and thank you so so much Betsy, who drove across a state so we could finally meet, face to face and heart to heart.

May 4 - May 28

105 Market Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Art from the show is also for sale online here


Daydreamer said...

Amy, what can I say? It was worth EVERY Hour of the drive there and back.... to look at your creations for real... and to meet you in Person! Time and Distance... Measuring Life.... me a Tiny little speck crossing the mossy hills of NH .... in the Fog and Rain no less!.... imagining myself into the landscapes, the worlds you construct with such painstaking perfection.... Returning home Richer for the Moments spent together... meeting you and your family.... sharing the World from Close-up rather than half a Continent apart.... filled with images, ideas... dreams.... Art overflowing into Life....And Life giving it back to Art!
What more can I say, but Thank you!!!

Laurie said...

Beautiful show.. congrats!

Sans! said...

It is a beautiful space, Amy and I love how your art is displayed. Are you back home already?

It is amazing isn't it, to have a blog friend drove all that way just to meet you and to get up close and personal with your creations.


Amy said...

Betsy, did you know that after reading your comment, my Mom's eyes filled up? You not only have such a lovely heart, you write so beautifully. Thank you so so much for being part of my real life and my virtual life, this is a true gift to me.

Amy said...

Hi Laurie! Thank you so much-I'm so happy you had a chance to see the work for real, in a way you and Jim are always a part of this kind of experience!

Sans, I'm back, and getting back into the sub-tropical life again, after nearly a week of cherry trees and leafing Japanese maples and lavender in bloom and the cold cold ocean! And yes, it is amazing to meet a blog friend for real, as you certainly know well! We talked about you, a lot.

rosanna said...

Amy, I love the gallery, I love your works and I'd LOVE coming to see them in real.
I am very glad that Betsy and you met, I know the feel ;o))
Thank you for your comments, I heart all of them. Blog friends are truly helping at this moment, I am very very lucky. Rosanna

Amy said...

Rosanna, maybe someday I will get to show my work closer to you, across the sea, I hope so. Remember that I'm thinking about you, and am amazed by your generous heart.

Three Graces said...

At last we meet! Amy, it was so amazing to FINALLY meet you and your mom after all of these years working together. This weekend was a highlight for me, both personally and professionally. Thank you so much for making the trip. May the force be with both of you and may Bob and I find ourselves visiting Florida in the not too distant future, xo

Amy said...

Kim, it was all joy. You and Bob are more than welcome in Florida any time!