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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I finally found the curio cabinet I had always wanted, in a local consignment shop, not very old but not all that new either. For a while, someone else had kept their tiny things in it. Some of us, I guess, are compelled to pick up tiny things, and keep them, and save them from the way every day life would treat them otherwise.

This one had a key, but the key was lost, like so many keys are. If someone found it, they would never find the lock it opens, and it would have to join that giant ocean of lock-less keys.

I know that finding things and taking them with us is not entirely a human thing; birds do this, dogs do this, our cat Oliver runs off with things because he thinks he can get something out of them, even when they're inedible. But it's particular to people to keep them for little reason other than we want to. If a hornet is going to build a nest so intricate and amazing, and a piece of it drops onto the doormat, I'm going to want to look at it for a little while.

Same for barnacle covered shells from Sanibel.

and rutilated quartz,

and other things, (fake leaves, tiny harmonicas, doll's eyes, frozen Charlottes, empty watch cases), that might get lost in a box in a closet, or, in a moment of carelessness, swept away forever.


TheEccentricLady said...

I just posted about a door I was in love with. Your post makes me happy! (except the eyeballs, ewe) I love collecting and I'm not makeing excuses anymore. So glad you got your lovely cabinet.

Amy said...

You are so right about your door, it is a thing of beauty! And the story of finding it is such a lovely one. I'm not sure it would turn out so well here, there would probably be two people fighting a tug-of-war over it...but I love the stories about how people find the things they collect. I found my dollhouse in a driveway, the family was tossing it out, can you imagine? I still don't know why.

Daydreamer said...

Amy, Many years ago I bought myself a Curio Cabinet.... because I had always wanted one... It wasn't Old or Perfect.... but it had a shape I liked and could be spruced up with paint....! The idea was that I was allowing myself ONE cabinet to Contain those tiny Treasures.... and when it was full... I wouldn't Need any more Treasures...! (Ha Ha!!!)
It didn't Stop the collecting of little things... but it Slowed it and made me more selective... a Treasure needed to Really Speak to me.... Even so my dresser and shelves and window sills still Gather too many Things.... But the Treasures go in the Cabinet!

Amy said...

I know exactly what you mean, Betsy. The way we organize our treasures seems to be the very important line between appreciating the objects and drowning in them! It keeps us mindful of them, it seems. Once I start gathering just to have them is the tipping point for me. I fall over onto the other side, though, there's more Frankoma in my life now than there really should be. It's tough, like knowing when to stop eating chips. The key must be to stop before the guilt and indigestion. Hasn't worked very well for me and chips yet, though.

Sans! said...

The magic of a curio cabinet will always be the curios it holds :). I don't own a curio cabinet even now when I am into miniatures. I guess I don't regard little things as treasures. Strange, isn't it? Coming from someone who loves dollhouses :).

Then again maybe my dollhouse is really my curio cabinet :).

This cabinet of yours really reflect the taste, mind and nature of its owner :). It's like saying, this is Amy, in a curio cabinet :).

Amy said...

f anyone's dollhouse is a curio cabinet, it's yours, Sans, because of your alchemy, and because of the stories it contains. You don't just find miniatures and put them in rooms, you transform found objects, you tell intricate stories, you mix together what you have seen in your world with a world that you've created. Talk about elevating the every day!