...or tries to...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life on Earth, a play in one brief metaphorical act

Open on : A bucolic morning, soft and quiet, punctuated by patches of sunlight.

  Solomon dozes,

and Oliver ponders,

and eventually they fall asleep together, on the appropriately named daybed,

paws just touching.

Silence extends four minutes. The audience is given time to soften.

Solomon:     Whah?
Oliver:         Huhn?
Solomon:     You.
Oliver:         Me.

Both: Pppthhhhhowwwwrrrrrrggggrrrrreh

And: scene.


Daydreamer said...

Life is too Boring if nobody ever stirs it up!
It reminds me of growing up with my siblings.... older brother to tease.... girls to shriek.... younger brother to cry when he accidentally got hurt.... But we LOVE each other!

Sans! said...

Hahahahaaha :)