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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday in the Park with Mom

I live right off a main road that starts at the ocean, (if you see the ocean as the beginning of things), and reaches inland, due west all the way to the Florida Everglades. As you go west the shopping centers drift away, the named communities, the billboards. You go under the turnpike and past the piles of colored mulch, the nurseries that grow the trees that fill in the named communities. The fences go from metal to wood, the scrub they hold in gets wilder, thicker, tangled up. And then the road ends, its completion punctuated by three red reflectors mounted on an aluminum bar. Beyond it, the swamp, the alligators, the illegally released pythons, the sea of grass. To the right, the park, as close as we can get to the 'glades before the solid ground gives way.

Mom and I went there to walk yesterday evening, because, after a day, a string of days, a string of weeks where everything was within arm's length, we needed to be someplace where our eyes could stretch out,

and the sky made everything small.

The roads and paths there left the grid and wove a little,

through clusters of cyprus trees

and there were just our footsteps, and insect whir, and red bellied woodpeckers taunting each other, our own talking, and other sounds we didn't recognize, (distant whines and buzzing),

that turned out to be, after a turn,

a tiny dirt track for tiny dirt cars,

a man and his miniature helicopter,

(it also flies upside down)

and at the end of this paved road, a very small airport

where a very small jet plane came in for a landing.

But after all the whirling and jumping and soaring and buzzing,

we walked back where we started,

and the shadows turned blue, the yellows lit up.

The water was edged with deep green and purple,

rimmed with shells,

(my shell now),

and welcome to alligators.


Sans! said...

I was supposed to go running but instead I spent the last 3-4 hours chatting with a dear school teacher who is our guest at the house :). It was nice journeying with her, from the old cities of Russia where she had just returned from to 38 years ago when she first started teaching.

Now sitting here, I embarked on another delightful journey, taking the walk you made just yesterday, seeing what you see.

It's like fleeting from an old world to a new world..the old in my head, the new just before me on the screen. Are we not lucky we can tread both worlds with such ease?

rosanna said...

I agree with Sans, as much as I don't understand technology still I adore it.
I can come with you along your walk, see what you look at , share with you all my far away friends.
The park seems a lovely place to be and I love all those big guys playing with their tiny toys.
THank you for sharing your walk,it was like making a bit of journey with you

Daydreamer said...

Wow! What a Beautiful SKY!!! Your photos are Exquisite! And I agree with Sans and Rosanna One Hundred Per Cent! It is SUCH a Treat to be able to go on your walk with you and your Mom (Hi Amy's Mom!!!) ...Virtually, of course,... but there in the Ether... there in the Spirit.. there in the shared Discovery of those other Mini-worlds we usually don't know anything about.... I LOVE it! Thank you for bringing us along.... it was SUCH a Beautiful Evening!

Amy said...

It's been a joy having all of my friends on this walk with me! And my Mom says hello too!

Sans, I love what you're saying about living in two worlds in one day. We do it all the time, too, don't we, with our imaginings of the future added in. It's amazing to me how our minds make narratives from all of this.

Rosanna, it's true, with the way technology takes over our every day and steals experience from us, distracts us and keeps us looking down, but I'm still blown away by what it shares with me. How I can spend time in Italy through your eyes, in a way that books and magazines and movies never could. I love that so much.

Betsy, every time a guy rolls his eyes at my doll housing I think about how much time and energy they put into toy trains and planes and cars! Same thing, right? Makes more noise, goes fast, but yes, miniatures! And adult play time! I'm all for that!
Thank you for going on the walk with me. When I take the pictures I think about you and Rosanna and Sans being there, in a way...