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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


“Here are some questions I am constantly noodling over: Do you splurge or do you hoard? Do you live every day as if it's your last, or do you save your money on the chance you'll live twenty more years? Is life too short, or is it going to be too long? Do you work as hard as you can, or do you slow down to smell the roses? And where do carbohydrates fit into all this? Are we really all going to spend our last years avoiding bread, especially now that bread in American is so unbelievable delicious? "

So today we went out and ate all kinds of bread. 

Thank you, Nora, for this and many other things.


rosanna said...

Talking of bread: in PAris we found a place named Le Pan Quotidien, to die for ! we had a lovely breakfast of different breads and croissants with jams and chocolate spreads!
No diet for me , vive le pain!

Daydreamer said...

I am a Sworn Bread Lover and Will NEVER give it up!!!!
I am so glad you celebrated her life in this way, Amy!
Great writers put into words those questions we are all thinking but don't know how to express... and she was able to do it with such humor and love!
(And I agree with you Rosanna, Paris is the place for incredible Bread!)

Anonymous said...

I heard a rebroadcast of an interview with Nora on NPR's Fresh Air this afternoon. She talked about enjoying life ... today. I tend to do this, but I have a dear friend who plays it very safe. I do so wish she would live her life now; I wish she wasn't so afraid of the future.

Sans! said...

Yes!!! Let's celebrate her life and ours! Vive la carbo!!! My mum just made me this most incredible congee :) and all I thought about was how not to eat so much carbs at night. Thank goodness I read this post :)