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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Any holiday that has the grown-ups stopping in a parking lot and looking up at the sky is alright by me.


rosanna said...

I agree with the looking-up part :o))
Dear Amy, whenever you'll come to Italy feel yourselves free to come to Genoa: I have always have a bed and a place at our table for friends.
You'd be more than welcomed :o))

Daydreamer said...

My Town has decided to have the fireworks on the weekend rather than in the middle of the week.... I can usually see them if I go stand out in the road in front of my house! (It is a very quiet road and people stand in it all the time!)
It is interesting, what gets people's attention... and I agree with you that going OUT and looking UP are not a common combination anymore! The night sky at my rural farmhouse was Awesome.... but here in town it is drowned by street lights.
I prefer being some distance from the fireworks.... MUCH too loud up close!

Sans! said...

From my mum's 10 storey apartment, we can see the fireworks on National Day very clearly. Amy, they are usually displayed near the Singapore river where Gardens by the Bay flanked. How is it that we are never tired of watching them? :)

Sometimes we even get fireworks on 4th July because of the celebrations by the US Embassy here :).

Amy, there's a big likelihood that I will be in the US in 2014 :). I hope to make a trip to Florida and then we shall meet , yes? Also, I am extending a similar offer as Rosanna for you in Singapore :). Come before 2014. In fact come next year! :) You too Betsy!

Amy said...

Rosanna, I would love that so much. Your country is like a dream to me, I have a list of all the art and places I want to see...and getting to meet you in person would be a wonderful thing...

Betsy, how great is that, to be able to see the show from your front road?! And to have a road you can actually stand on, without taking your life in your hands. (Both novel ideas for us here!) But I do have the dubious pleasure of living right near a fireworks store, so for weeks before the fourth, we get to hear folks testing firecrackers in their parking lot. For a while, before we remember what holiday is coming up, we think of drive-bys and random shootings, then finally remember the time of year.

Sans, YES! We shall meet if you come to Florida-I have so much to show you and places to take you! That would be wonderful! And I would love to come to Singapore, an amazing place, with such an amazing friend there!