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Sunday, October 28, 2012


The sea looks lovely and idyllic and picturesque in this photo, but keep in mind, in its normal form here it's flat and placid and aqua blue. A cartoon blue with little paint strokes of white, the tide patting the beach the way your grandmother might pat your shoulder when you're sleepy and sunburned.

It's not often churning pewter gray and it seldom does this:

This is a fishing pier, most of the time. The fishermen would be just a little taller than the rails.

Lots of us here in Palm Beach County came out to see what Hurricane Sandy had done to the Atlantic as it passed by hundreds of miles away. We could watch because it did pass by, a rare miss for us, on its way up the east coast. I'm still not used to being worried about my brother up in New York. I've been in three hurricanes since I moved here, (Frances, Jeanne, Wilma) so it's not a casual thing. Weather, it turns out, is the thing that happens while you're making other plans.

Unless you're a surfer.

Stay safe.


Daydreamer said...

Beautiful pictures, Amy!
We are PREPARING up here for a much worse storm than Irene was just over a year ago! I hope we won't lose power for too long....! If at all.... but it looks as though the winds are going to be much worse farther inland and for much longer than last time. We are doing the best we can to get ready!
I hope your brother is safe in New York... they are going to have it worse than we in Western New England... but it is such a HUGE storm!!! 900 miles across!!
Thanks for your wishes!

Sans! said...

Dear Amy, these pictures make the passing of the hurricanes the subject matter of paintings. I thought the 1st one was a painting !

3 hurricanes, Amy! I often wonder why Florida is still such a popular home choice despite the frequency of hurricanes.

rosanna said...

I have a friend in NYC and I know she is safe but I cannot stop thinking how powerful a hurricane can be.
It's also a huge lecture on humility: Nature is so much more powerfull than us whatever we think of ourselves.
I thank my good destiny that I live on much calmer beaches.
Minihugs, Rosanna

Amy said...

Betsy, I've been thinking about you! Every storm I remember has been so different, fast, slow, small, wide, one went loop-de-loop, it's crazy. I want you safe and sound and dry. I'll be checking in on you and western New England--

Sans, you're absolutely right. We moved here because for years there had been few storms, one huge one, Andrew, but my Aunts and Uncles were north of that one, and so it always was, Come on down, the weather's fine. Then, about two years in, the storms started striking, one after another. We looked at each other and thought, what have we done? But if you don't lose a roof, you sort of forget. You fall in love with warm winters and forget. And it's been six years without one now, I think. But living on the coast is crazy. It really is, and this reminds us.

Rosanna, yes, so true. Weather is the king of the world, it gives, and it sure does take away. Your sea looks so placid, it is a gift to have. The crazy thing here today is that the weather is hitting the part of the U.S. that I wish I was when the hurricanes hit Florida, we all have our shutters and our batteries and our bottled water already - it's like the world has turned upside down.

Shalini said...

Fantastic photographs Amy....love the grittiness of them. Been thinking that if we still lived in Providence/Bristol RI, we'd be in it.

Amy said...

Thanks Shalini! If you were still in RI, yes, you sure would. My brother on Long Island is in a leaking office building right now. I just saw my home town on CNN, flooded. Serious stuff. Keep your fingers crossed...

sewzallsquirrels said...

I am a first time visitor to your blog brought here from your website. I have to tell you that the photographs you took are some of the best I have seen. Another commenter said she liked the grittiness--I do too,--, but they also have clarity, contrast and composition...
thank you
ruby t

Amy said...

Ruby, that is one of the best compliments I have ever received. You've made my day! Thank you not only for stopping to look and comment, thank you for visiting my website too!

Daydreamer said...

Hi Amy, I meant to come here sooner to reassure you that I am okay! We did not lose power here... but it got pretty windy. We were spared... but your brother surely was in the thick of it? I hope he and all your family are okay! Thanks so much for thinking of me! It does seem odd that You are in Florida where the Hurricanes are more common... yet up here is where they have been coming ashore!! What a Strange Time it is!!

Amy said...

Betsy, it truly is. My brother got through ok, but the photos he sent me of what happened in the towns around him were mind-boggling. Boats and houses picked and moved blocks away. Big and small things scattered like toys.

I'm very very happy you were spared and safe! One thing we know for sure here in Florida is that we've had enough of hurricanes, but we don't want any other place to have to worry about them either.